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The Foxy Focus

The Foxy Focus is where we focus on businesses, organisations, shops and restaurant across the Chilterns, Thames Valley and Riverside,
the South West and Middle England (Notts, Derby and the surrounding area).

To be considered for The Foxy Focus please complete the questions below and a member of the Foxy team will be in touch.

You and your Business
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Website and Social Media

Images are key espacially when it comes to webistes and social media. Only use good quality images to promote your business. A picture really does tell a 1000 words and you don’t want yours telling the wrong story!

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This one amazing image will be used to feature your business. It should be 1920px wide and encourage people to click on your feature and find out more. 1MB maximum file size.
Please add 3-5 images They should be a maximum of 800px wide and 1MB maximum file size.
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