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The Exhibition You Can Eat By Tesco Finest

Tesco is working with experimental food duo, Bompas & Parr, to create an edible exhibition, inviting food-lovers to embark on a journey of exceptional taste discoveries this October in Shoreditch.

To mark the 20th anniversary of Tesco Finest, the UK’s first premium, own-brand food range, Tesco is inviting food-lovers to a free immersive exhibition, curated with the help of renowned food alchemists Bompas & Parr, at Kachette in Shoreditch from 11th-13th October.

‘DEVOUR – the exhibition you can eat by Tesco Finest’, fuses the worlds of food, art, design and theatre to create an exploration behind Tesco Finest products in an adventure designed to engage all the senses.

The edible exhibition will allow food lovers to travel through six different experiences that take the concept of a tasting menu to a new, fully sensorial and interactive level, bringing to life the lengths Tesco Finest goes to in order to ensure the best quality food and drink.

Guests will step inside the Tesco Finest Vintage Grand Cru Champagne bottle and are greeted by all things effervescent for an unforgettable bubble catching experience, which brings to life the 250 million bubbles inside every bottle. Drinkers will be able to catch floating edible champagne bubbles in their mouths before enjoying a refreshing glass of bubbly.

From venturing down a Himalayan salt mine to embarking on a foraging expedition to play a wild mushroom symphony and seeing the unimaginable come to life with an edible rainbow, the multi-sensory taste journey will take diners through a whole meal, from aperitifs to starters through to main and dessert.

Tickets are free, though should be booked in advance to secure a place! More tickets are being added Monday (be quick as this event is in huge demand) at the following link:

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