Spirit of Legends Exhibition
Bucks County Museum: 21 February – 13 May 2017

Gemma Collis, one of the Country’s top wheelchair fencers and Rio participant opened the Spirit of Legends exhibition on at 15.00 on Tuesday 21st February and a special presentation photograph by Clare Newton was made.

A new twist on athletes of the Paralympic games is celebrated in this new exhibition. The show brings together ancient Grecian Mythology and Paralympic legends in a thrilling 2-part exhibition.

In a series of remarkable photographs, many of which are life size, the exhibition sets the athletes against backdrops of the magical stories from ancient Greece that have captivated us for centuries and still reflect the wonders of human endeavor in today’s world.

Paralympian; Spirt of Legends Exhibition
Paralympian; Spirt of Legends Exhibtion Hera – Barroness Tanni Grey Thompson MBE

Paralympians are some of today’s heroes; they overcome the unthinkable to win a place in history, yet few of us know who they are and what their incredible story is. This new exhibition brings together these heroes and their stories and connects them to the ancient roots to bring alive their extraordinary achievements to enlighten and inspire you.

The artist behind the Spirit of Legends project, Clare Newton, says:

“I want to provoke a feeling of empowerment in my pictures. Each portrait is about a special person, who has achieved such incredible goals no matter what – it is important for us to recognise their achievements, because through recognition it also empowers us too, influencing the way we think about ourselves.”

Paralympians are responsible for winning seven times more Gold Medals than Olympians in a third of the time, yet little documentation of their achievement exists. Photo-artist Clare Newton from East London has set out to make a 2-part exhibition that creatively links the heritage of the ancient Olympics with today’s heroes, by making photographic portraits of the many GB Paralympians, whether they are veterans or current day champions, whose contributions to society are hugely important on so many different levels.

Paralympian; Spirt of Legends Exhibtion Apollo Aaron Phipps
Paralympian; Spirt of Legends Exhibtion Zeus – Lee Pearson MBE, OBE, CBE

The inspiring journey to meet and photograph these heroes has uncovered the extraordinary undertakings that each had to achieve in order to become a champion. The First 8 works was originally shown in Canary Wharf to celebrate Rio2016. But since then has grown, which for the first time, this large exhibition is shown in its entirety.

The Sprit of Legends Exibition is on display at the Bucks County Museum, Church Street, Aylesbury HP20 2QP until 13th May 2017.

Times: The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm (see website for further details: www.buckscountymuseum.org)

Other Information: Free entry to museum; wheelchair access and disabled toilets available; café and shop on site; see museum website for details about programme of events, activities and talks linked to exhibitions.